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Common questions

Here you can find answers to some questions related to the Organic Garden Planner

What is the Planner made of?
The Planner is made of rigid plastic cardboard, making it resistant and durable.

Does the information in the Planner change from year to year?
No. Information is timeless. So it was in the time of our forefathers, and so it will be in times to come.

Where does the information written in the Planner come from?
This information comes from several books related to ecological and organic agriculture. In order to have credible, true and reliable information, a lot of study was necessary. There was also a review by peasants, farmers, permaculturists and agronomists.

Can I translate the English Planner into other languages and adapt it to the country where I am?
No. This Planner is geared towards you country weather just as the French is geared towards the weather in France.
Outra vez, foi necessário muito estudo para termos informações verdadeiras nos nossos Planeadores de Horta Biológicas.

How do you read the front side?
To properly interpret all the information you will have to align the red arrows to the bars that are next to the food you want.

How do you read the back side?
Each of the 34 foods has a description of 5 companion plants. It has information on natural insecticides and fungicides. Their application will have to be researched as each of the products pictured has its indication and appropriate dosage. It also has information about what to do in the different phases of the moon and in different months of the year.

How do I know what the planting month is since you haven't just written a month?
For the Planner to work for an entire country we have to give it a window of time. More southern areas may start earlier than inland and northern areas. We must take into account the climate in which we live and the weather in that month, which often varies from year to year. It therefore requires sensitivity and adaptability on the part of those who use it.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Your order to arrive takes between 7 to 28 days

How is my Planner accommodated?
The Planner is enclosed in an envelope with bubbles, and is also covered with sticky tape. It also carries a Fragile sign on the envelope.

If you have any more questions please write us.