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How to use

How to use this Planner?
The Organic Garden Planner has a unique design that offers us easy and detailed information about the 34 common vegetables we consume the most on a daily basis.

The Planner is made of 2 strong plasticized cards, the cover in brown and the back in white where are the vegetables that turn on themselves. As the red arrows align with the vegetable at the bottom, the Planner will tell us:
• the best type of soil
• the seed depth
• germination and maturation times
• the distance between plants and lines
• the months of planting and harvesting
• the ideal climate with minimum and maximum temperature indications
• water and light needs
• the phases of the moon

At the back we can find:
• plant intercropping

• Monthly activities in the garden
• plot rotation
• the tasks to be performed in each phase of the Moon
• natural insecticides and fungicides